What to do on a weekend in LA

A couple of months ago, I had one of the best opportunities in my life: visit LA with my best friends and my boyfriend. Even though it was only for a weekend (thank you, school), we made a tight itinerary to try to visit Los Angeles’ top attractions. Here are the fun-packed weekend’s highlights and tips:

1. Take breathtaking photos from Griffith Observatory

This was our first stop on that sunny Saturday morning. We went there really early – it wasn’t even open. But we managed to take advantage of that time and spent about an hour taking photos (seriously). Even though you can barely see the Hollywood Sign (no, it’s not worthy to take photos of it from there), the views are amazing! There are many great spots for pictures. Also, head inside to enjoy the museum: from the galaxy to the elements of the periodic table. It was very interactive and fun.


2. Play at Santa Monica Pier


In the afternoon, we went to the Santa Monica Pier for more fun near the beach. The weather was pretty good, so we played at the Pacific Park and ate some Dippin Dots. Dami tried to win some of the games to get me a big unicorn plush… and well, he kinda failed. I still got a donut one! My friends rode the West Coaster, and then we all hoped on the Pacific Wheel. We took a lot of photos from it, since we were so high up in the air.


3. Stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills


On Sunday, our day began with a lot of strolling. Starting with the Hollywood Walk of Fame, of course we took pictures with the stars. We bought some souvenirs and ended up having lunch at Shake Shack (best hamburgers ever, but more on that later). Beverly Hills was also great, with the spectacular mansions and neighborhoods. We even googled the best street to take a picture with some palm trees behind, and I guess we nailed it!


4. Window shop at Rodeo Drive


No, it’s not shopping. It’s window shopping. Well, at least for us, since we couldn’t afford anything! But still, we enjoyed some ice cream from Amorino and, again, snapped a bunch of photos. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any celebrity (Sofia Vergara we were waiting for you).


5. Brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert


The most important part of the trip: the food stops. We had brunch at Pearl’s Rooftop on Saturday (we recommend the fluffy french toast!), and then our sweet cravings made us go to Cheesecake Factory. And our fatigue ended up in skipping dinner. The next day, we had a quick home made breakfast and had lunch at Shake Shack (fun story: Dami and I have been trying to go since last year, but couldn’t because it was either closed or too full). Finally, we tasted these delicious hamburgers and crunchy curly fries. Still, we prefer In-N-Out just a little bit more. Later, we went to Amorino for a rose macaron ice cream… it was perfect. Perfectly photogenic and Instagram worthy, plus a heavenly taste. There are so many different flavors, it was hard to choose. And, of course, we’ve been dying to experience the Cupcake ATM from Sprinkles for so long, and we finally did it! The cupcake was delish, but the ATM process was the best part.

And that’s our short weekend trip itinerary! We are planning to go again in a couple of months, and maybe this time discover unusual spots and try different things. Do you have any recommendations? What are your fave unusual or non touristic spots?

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  1. Haute Spark By Adela
    June 10, 2017

    Looks like so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing these amazing places! I love L.A.!


    1. p.leonchung@gmail.com
      June 11, 2017

      We love LA too! Thank you Adela xx


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